What is the Vision and Mission of the Interplanetary Chamber of Commerce?

Vision Statement

Our vision is to have an interplanetary commercial regulatory group that innovates policies in space and promotes commercial growth throughout the Solar System while creating a positive culture around the expansion of humankind.

Values Statement

The members and staff of the Interplanetary Chamber of Commerce will always strive to maintain the following values:

  • Accountability – Being responsible to ourselves, each other, and the future of the organization.
  • Respect – Acknowledging each other’s value and contribution.
  • Inclusiveness – Respecting and valuing broad participation in community and business dialogue and decision-making.
  • Integrity – Demonstrating honesty and trustworthiness in action and intent.
  • Teamwork – Working together cooperatively to help build each other and grow together.
  • Creativity – Thinking about all possibilities to ensure the best result.
  • Courage – Acting with strength and conviction even in the face of adversity.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make interplanetary space a united front for inclusive businesses so they can operate safely, freely, and collaboratively while benefiting humankind amongst the stars.


The ICoC’s mission is to:

  • Promote businesses and growth of commercial operators in space by encouraging economic development while creating a safe and collaborative climate.
  • Develop policies that will help businesses thrive while still focusing on the betterment of humankind.
  • Support global efforts to streamline Interplanetary Special Economic Zones (ISEZ) on Earth.
  • Set our sites on the future of human civilization both on and off planet Earth.
  • Maintain diversity in commercial space with inclusion for every human.
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