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About is a Space Business directory established by the Interplanetary Chamber of Commerce (ICoC). The ICoC represents businesses of all sizes worldwide, with a focus on fostering a sustainable space economy. We act as a trusted advocate, partner, and network for businesses that are shaping the future of interplanetary commerce.

As the world’s first and only Interplanetary Chamber of Commerce, we are pioneering a new frontier for industries and the communities they serve by expanding their reach into space. We encourage companies to harness the benefits of space to enhance life on Earth and to utilize research opportunities for advancing life in space.

Join us at the frontier, where we explore what lies beyond.


Featured Members

Ontario Tech University

H. Industries

CloudINX – Cloud Independent Network Exchange

Biotech Net Solutions, LLC- Space Biology Laboratory Solutions

Space 4 All Ltd. Liability Company

ProvedUp Inc.

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CloudINX – Cloud Independent Network Exchange

Jelly Space

Space Tribology Consulting, Inc.

KSF Space

Ontario Tech University

NSK Tech and Development

SANSA Earth Observation Unit | Marketing Specialist

Envoy Design


Body M3canix

Cuttin Blue Farms